09 July 2010


My brother is very active in his church so he volunteered to be ‘’den dad” at a weeklong church camp. His assignment: 30 9-11 year old boys!! He called it the longest week of his life and he is retired Army. Bro said that there is no way he could be a teacher and appreciates those of us that do!!
Mammogram detected some calcification; need to return in six months to follow up. Per the radiologist, this is not uncommon. Won’t sweat it, yet!! Colonoscopy was negative ~ Hallelujah!!! Rather not experience that “cleansing process” anytime soon. YUCK!!
Trip to Virginia was phenomenal and extremely intense. I thought I knew the Civil War, boy did I get schooled. Will try and put some photos up later…
I am spending my summer being a caretaker for a recovering stroke patient. Makes me appreciate the things I take for granted such as be able to care for myself!

Bye for now,

02 July 2010

This day in history...

July 2nd, 1964: President Lyndon B. Johnson signs into law the historic Civil Rights Act.

1776: Congress votes for independence.

1863: Second day of the battle at Gettysburg.